Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where do the days GO?

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've posted anything! It's been CRAZY-sauce, as Lauren would say. I've been busy sewing & getting re-stocked for the Oh Sweet Sadie! in South Jordan this Friday & Saturday. Plus there's another big announcement that I will save until after the boutiques are over and things can settle down a bit :)

Here's a photo of a couple sling patterns I've added to my inventory the last couple of nights.
I have both of these in size medium and large.

And here's the fabric I just received to make the rest for the boutique and the "other big news" event:

Saturday after the Oh Sweet Sadie! fun, Lauren & I worked the Real Salt Lake concessions at the U of U! It was the last game for Real at the U. From now on they are at the new stadium in Sandy. Then Sunday we headed over to Body Worlds at the Salt Lake Library. This is Mira and I on the skywalk.
If you are not easily nauseated then it's worth the trip. NOT for the little ones though. Not only are the displays anatomically correct but it's quiet - museum quiet- and tough to keep their little voices down in there! Stay tuned for LOTS more goodies AND the exciting news! And come by the OSS boutique in DayBreak to say HELLO!

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