Sunday, August 23, 2009

{My Office}

For my birthday, I had asked to move my office up to the loft in the upstairs of the house. It currently holds Nolan's toys and an obnoxiously massive TV on which the kids play Wii. Switching these rooms made so much sense to me, mainly because when the kids play Wii they get loud and it's right above the main living room. This way they could go to the back of the house, shut the door and be as rowdy as they want!

So after hauling all the toys downstairs, unhooking the TV & components and moving part of my office items upstairs, I realized I was making a HUGE assumption that the TV would fit. I then got my trusty tape measure and much to my dismay, it would NOT make it through the door. The doors to the OTHER downstairs bedrooms are 28" wide (which works) but THIS room only has a 27" doorway - TOO NARROW!

Needless to say I was uber disappointed. Back upstairs with the toys and back down with tons of my stuff! Bummed doesn't describe how I felt. To make it a little better I decided to re-arrange my current space. And I gotta say, it turned out better than I thought.

It feels like I now have more legroom and it's a better use of the space. Moving the desk out from having my back to the window gets rid of the glare on the laptop and now I have a view out to the backyard. Plus I got to add this on the wall behind the desk:

So, while I didn't get that gorgeous view of the Salt Lake Valley, I'm pleased with the outcome. For now, anyway. Plus everything got cleaned, dusted & vacuumed and back in tip top order, which always feels good.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


In my bedroom there's this wall. Well, there's more than one actually but one inparticular has been especially bare. I've looked and searched for something to put on it, but never found a thing. Until now...

I found this wonderful saying to serve as a gentle reminder of how sometimes we forget that a certain someone has such a great presence in our life. Want your own? Check out one of our local businesses, DCWV!