Monday, April 28, 2008

Sassiness is Happiness

There are so many great scrapbooking products out there! The manufacturers and designers do an incredible job anticipating what we want and making sure it's available and user friendly. ( I feel a rambling coming on) With that said, I've never felt I was overly creative. Nor am I a perfectionist (that's why I gave up GOLF)..that's the great thing about scrapbooking! You don't have to be either one. It's so forgiving. Especially for altered projects. If you make a mistake, ink the edge or cover it with ribbon or an embellishment. For those of you ARE creative, this is a perfect platform to use to take scrapbooking to a new level. So, back to the point of this post...the Making Memories Desktop Organizer. After the Good Things Utah episode, I had to try it. And it's really not that tough. So, here's a challenge. Give it a try and send in your pictures! Let's see how creative you can get with it. You have until May 25th to send in your pics. Then we will pick a winner who will receive a copy of Making Memories new book, "Baby Love." It's an adorable publication that gives you amazing ideas on crafts for all things baby, i.e., baby showers & invites, gifts, home decor, scrapbooking, altered projects and clothing. One stipulation...I would like to receive at least 5-10 submissions. I will post them as they come in and if we meet the minimum, the someone will be receiving the Baby Love book.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Love Letters

Lauren has officially named me "Last Minute Larry" because I have just finished the LOVE LETTERS album for my class tomorrow night. It's not that I didn't begin early enough, but with the kitchen remodel going on (pictures to follow on subsequent post), amongst everything else, it's been difficult to dedicate enough time each day. Below are some photos. As with recipes and directions in general, I didn't follow them exactly. The purpose of the Love Letters book is to have each page for a different person and attach a note to them on each page. I decided to dedicate the book to my children and use each page for something I wish for them in life.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

March Prize

As promised, here are a couple of quick photos for Linda. It's on the way!