Monday, December 22, 2008

Flashy Chucks

One of Mira's requests for Christmas goodies was a pair of these:

Bling-ed out Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers :) We saw these at a number of boutiques, however they were mostly for smaller girls - toddlers mostly. But they're SO cute! So, I decided to try my hand at making them. I found the sneakers and got the crystals. But the first attempt didn't go so well...not only was I using the wrong type of glue (I thought E6000 would hold ANYTHING!) but the crystals were too big & wouldn't line up right. After 2 hours of gluing I had to tear it all apart and start again with NEW glue & smaller crystals! Phew - I'm glad the second attempt came out better. And now that I know my niece is having a girl this June, you can bet she'll have a tiny pair of these too!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Last night the last custom order was picked up! YAY! This was such a fun one to do. Cynthia from My Quilter Girl ( makes the most awesome quilts and asked me to make one for her daughter that matches a quilt she's made. Apparently her daughter chose the fabric. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fabric but when I imagine a 5 year picking fabric I think of pink & purple! LoL! But it's WAY cool. Both my girls loved it AND my dad came over when I was finishing it and requested a shirt made from the skulls & crossbones fabric by Alexander Henry!

It turned out very cute and check back soon for more info, as Cynthia will be posting pics of her daughter with it and the quilt! Can't wait to see how they look all together :)

Also {DONE} with the Christmas shopping...just a few more handmade gifts to finish up. We've been doing LOTS of Holiday baking around here and we've even found a way to get Nolan involved :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

{Strawberry Shortcake}

Talk about a blast from the past!! Okay, all you ladies from the '80's...remember Strawberry Shortcake? Blueberry Muffin? Orange Blossom? Ginger Snap? Can't remember the name of the dog or the myself now, huh?!? LOL! Everything seems to come back around and so did she. This is a baby doll bassinet for a custom order made from Strawberry Shortcake fabric.
Also requested to go with this and the quilt was a matching dolly pillow. This was so FUN to make and hopefully there will be a happy little girl on Christmas morning :)I'm also finishing up my last custom order before the holiday. It's another baby doll bassinet made from skulls & crossbones with red roses. It's going to be very striking! I can't wait to finish! It's being made to match a little girls quilt she already has in her bedroom, made by her MAMA @ MY Quilter Girl. Please check out her website ( )...she does AWESOME work!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Nolan & I rushed out this morning to get our errands done before the snow came....and we BARELY made it :) He's such fun to hang out with. Everyone is always so polite when he tells them "Hi" - all 47 times. His curiosity is such that he doesn't mind going to the fabric store and Robert's with me. He just loves to look at everything, especially now with all the Christmas decorations being so bright and sparkly!

The rest of the day is dedicated to starting some custom orders due by the end of the week and working on family gifts. I've got these done already:

I absolutely LOVE my Cricut machine! And now that I've figured out how to use the sheets of vinyl, the sky's the limit. LOL! These ornaments will be cute for my sister-in-law whether she puts them on her tree or in a decorative bowl. Hope she likes them...and hope she doesn't read my blog before I can give them to her - HA HA. As much as I wish I could take credit for this idea, I actually got it (with permission) from Heather White at {unwrapped}: She always has such wonderful ideas for home dec & gift giving! She also is an incredibly talented photographer so be sure to visit her photography blog:, especially if you still need to have those family photos done for this year!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

While I've been pretty immersed in the sewing realm of crafting lately, I still follow a number of blogs by very talented ladies here in Utah. One of which is Amber Packer. She used to teach classes at my favorite scrapbook store - All My Memories - before it closed last year. Last week she hosted a give away on her blog ( ) for a copy of a new publication by Scrapbook Trends magazine/Northridge Media: Simply Handmade.

That's right, I won! How exciting this was, not only because I never win anything BUT this magazine is AWESOME! It really can't be considered just a magazine either....more like a book. The thick pages are chock full of incredible photos & close ups, accompanied by step by step instructions for each of the crafts shown. Simple paper or sewing projects that can be completed in a matter of hours, that turn out great! I would definitely recommend picking up your own copy. This Christmas themed issue was wonderful & I can't wait to see what comes out next.

BIG THANKS to Amber for this fabulous prize. You have a beautiful home and nice ride (we drive the same car...haha). Hope the yard recovers from Nolan trampling through your flower beds!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

100 Posts!!

WOW! I just noticed that this is my 100th post on the Scrap Happy blog! YAY :) How the time flies. I'm really looking forward to using BLURB at the end of the year and having a hardbound copy of my blog made! Not quite scrapbooking but it's preserving other things I probably wouldn't scrap otherwise.

Also, wanted to let you all know about the Traveling Trunk Boutique:

Going on NOW in the Harvard/Yale area of Salt Lake! A quaint gingerbread style home and a smaller venue but GREAT FINDS! You won't want to miss this one!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day!

What a happy Thanksgiving, indeed! We are, seriously, so blessed. There's so many reasons, for which I give thanks everyday :) Especially my "2 special blessings" who are in California until Saturday! I love you girls more than words can say - Happy Thanksgiving to you also :)

Family and friends are at the top of my list! Last night produced a few more Holiday friends (12 to be exact). They are black & white & orange......have BIG eyes...yep, they're penguins :)

These chilly guys will be traveling with me to various holiday boutiques, looking for new homes...igloos not required:) You can also find them in My Etsy shop

Enjoy the day and all we have to be thankful for! I know I will :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh Baby!!

These are my top 2 selling items at the last 2 boutiques; the baby doll sling (in action with Mira and Bitty Twin Boy):
and the baby doll cloth diapers:
I've always made the slings and added the diapers to go with the bassinets I made, but I didn't really think I'd sell out! I mean, I knew they were cute BUT I can't make enough of 'em! Want some of your own (or for your little "mommy")? Well, just watch the OH SWEET SADIE blog this week ( and enter to win your set. They may or may not be the ones pictured here but I guarantee they'll be CUTE.

P.S. For any fellow Twilight fans...the bottom 12 songs on my playlist (scroll down, it's on the right) are from the soundtrack! :)

I feel {Pretty}

How do you like my face lift? The NEW look? I felt as though we needed to spruce up a bit here on my blog. With all the holiday decorating, it just seemed like the thing to do. We hauled out all the storage containers of Christmas decorations....not done with the tree yet, but it's getting there, no thanks to Nolan who insists that the glass ornaments are "balls!" So he takes them off and runs around the house, squealing in delight :) This year will be so much fun for him.

I still have to decorate the stair handrails with garland and lights and Travis is going to do the tree out front & the porch! He is off work the rest of this week so I'll be sure to put that near the TOP of his "honeydo" list :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is Coming....

the goose is getting fat....remember THAT one? How funny! It's probably been since second grade since I heard that last. In gearing up for Christmas I wanted to add some fun holiday accessories. See below:

The Christmas trees are my favorite. Also coming are candy canes and penguins!

On another note, I have some FUN sock monkey fabric on it's way from MODA and I can't wait to show you what I've got planned for that. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Scrabble anyone?

Well, it's been 2 shows since I posted last! And I have 4 more coming up! YAY! This adventure has been so much fun. The variety of boutiques allows me to change up my products and try out new these pendants (well soon to be pendants as the bails & chains are on the way). I made these out of SCRABBLE TILES! They're so much fun. :)

Lauren has a gymnastics meet January 9th and 10th which is sponsored by HER gym. The Booster Club is organizing it and we are having a few vendor booths, of which I will have one. I'm planning on many gymnastics related items which include THESE scrabble tile necklaces:
I'm also going to have hair bows & clips and other FUN stuff...more to come as I get it completed :)

Here's another WEEKDAY boutique that will offer some variety: The Traveling Trunk Boutique! Check it out at December 2 (noon-9pm) & December 3 (10am-6pm) in Harvard/Yale area, 1971 E. Yalecrest (1000 S.) A gorgeous gingerbread home will be brimming full of all the trimmings for the holiday season. Great gifts, homemade confections, fresh wreaths, baby and children items, jewelry, women and teen clothing, purses, books, and so much more! Don't miss out! The house is spectacular, just remodeled and FOR SALE! Move in for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Now that I'm back from the holiday expo (bah humbug) and onto the Oh Sweet Sadie holiday shows (YAY - please come to a NEW location this Thurs-Sat in BOUNTIFUL! www.OHSWEETSADIE.COM ), I'm looking to add a few more before Christmas arrives. So, for all of you on the SOUTH end of the valley, like me, there's no excuse NOT to come to the Spotted Zebra Boutique in Draper. After all, there's going to be "something for EVERYONE!" Plus I will have some NEW AND FUN ITEMS to share! :) Visit their website for additional info:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The {BIG} day is here!

Friends and Family: Please come to the 9th Annual Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift Show at the South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah. It's Bigger & Better than ever! Heather & I are in Booth #1106. Be sure to say "hello."

ADMISSION PRICES:Tickets: Adults $8.50 Children - FREE (13 and under)Free Return With Hand Stamp. Coupon here:
SHOW DATES & TIMES:Nov. 14th Fri. 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Nov. 15th Sat. 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Nov. 16th Sun. 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

November 14th - 16th, 2008~ 425 Exhibits ~Premier Gift Show Featuring Arts & Craft, Entertainment & Food, Real Bearded SANTA daily 12:00-4:00pm, FREE parking at the South Towne Exposition Center, Return for FREE (with stamped hand & ticket stub), Live entertainment through out including dance, theatre, choirs and instrumentals.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

With a cherry on top!

These are a new addition to the bows I will have on a regular basis (including on Etsy). Due to popular demand....the cupcakes!

For now they're available in blue & hot pink, but more will be added OR these can be custom made in any color you wish. They're fun, sweet and even have a cherry on top!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy Bee

Yes, that's me...a busy bee - SEE BELOW:

This is a peek at what I will have this weekend at the Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift Show at Southtowne Expo Center AND at the Oh Sweet Sadie Holiday Boutique at Noah's in Sandy. Of course this is not how I will display everything but this helps to keep it organized so I can keep track of what I have! Baby doll bassinets with matching blankets, dolly sling, baby doll cloth diapers, reversible baby slings, nursing covers, burp cloths, bibs, hooded towels, hair bows and MORE! Heather will be there with her adorable baby and toddler clothing line - Hollywood Baby- and her famous noodle swords. Lots of gifts and fun stuff so be sure to come out.

In addition to the Oh Sweet Sadie holiday boutiques, I will also be at the Spotted Zebra Boutique on December 12-13th in Draper. Find them here:

More fun holiday stuff will be added so keep checking back!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This I muttered to myself at the stroke of midnight. I am on a strict schedule in order to complete all that is needed for TWO shows next week and two more through the first weekend in December. One whole day is set aside this weekend for a new product and I'm afraid if I get behind I won't be able to do it.

Yesterday was incredibly productive (maybe because the power cord to my laptop went out, so it limits my computer time). 8 nursing covers and 5 blankets....phew. Why is it that toddlers are programmed with a sensor that KNOWS when mama has had a late night and it wakes them up early? Ever notice that? Kids "pick" the worst days to get up an hour (OR TWO) earlier than normal. Just like when you plan a day around their nap it doesn't seem to work out. I digress... easily distracted due to lack of sleep.

Here's a few of the blankets I did yesterday that go with the baby doll bassinets:

I'm sewing at the dining room table because my craft room is full of GRID! I am trying to layout the grid & furniture I will be using in the booth at Southtowne so setup won't be so crazy. Since my experience with displays on grid is limited (like, NONE) it definitely takes some practice and rearranging to make things look presentable. One benefit of working in the dining room is Nolan can see me (my craft room is in the back of the house) so I can work all day, at least intermittently when he is playing, etc.
Another perk is that I can hear the TV and hang out with the family in the evenings. Mira LOVES to snip the thread off when I'm done sewing. So we sit at the table & chat. She always comes up with sewing projects she wants me to do for her. Next on her list? Satin pajama pants and a new quilt for her bed so we can redecorate her room :) I think that actually may be the next project when these boutiques are done. I've put so much time into sewing for the business that it's time to do some sewing for US :) Can't wait!
So, back to it! Hope to have the baby doll bassinets done by Saturday, which is a stretch. I will post photos along the way but expect short posts.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

T Minus 9 and counting....

Yes, I'm still here - and still getting ready for TWO (2) shows next weekend! I will have a booth at the Oh Sweet Sadie Holiday show in a new & improved location - Noah's in Sandy! This will be a fantastic venue and we're expecting a record turnout. We will be there Friday & Saturday (Nov 14/15) so be sure to shop early for the best selection. I will have a more limited supply here than usual. Only because I am also going to be at the Southtowne Expo Center in Sandy for the Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift Show!!

The Gift show will be PHENOMENAL! Such great treats from the best artisans in Utah! We're bringing our best to you in a HUGE location so you can get a jump on your holiday shopping. Heather & I will be there Friday & Saturday from 10-9 and Sunday 10-6. If you do stop in, please say HELLO to us. The support will be very much appreciated :)

I will leave you with a peek at another bassinet and blanky set. This one is a one of a kind, no more will be made, except for special order.

This one is made from the ever popular "Jungle Babies" print. The giraffe print is flannel and the rest is cotton. The matching blanket is backed with a coordinating print in flannel as well.
If you want this one, stake your claim now. Otherwise I will be taking orders at & after the show, with delivery the second week of December. Can you believe Christmas is THAT close? Crazy!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Those of you who know me will understand what I mean when I say that TODAY will, without a doubt, be a better Halloween than last year. Everything happens for a reason, and looking back I think I {mostly} understand and have learned some valuable things from the trials of last year. So, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
This is our annual visitor, Marcus the Carcass! Every year he "pops up" in a different part of our yard. This year he's in the big flower bed in the center of the yard.

Everyone have a great day and enjoy all that Halloween brings!

Oh, and on a final note, we've added one more member to our buggy family....Darla the Dragonfly :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Floats like a {Butterfly}...

Our home has been invaded by BUGS! HUNDREDS OF THEM! Yellow ones, green ones, brown ones, red ones, blue ones and pink ones :) All adorable and perfectly harmless. Yesterday you met the ladybugs and bumblebees. Today I will share with you (named by Mira) Bella the Butterfly.

These little bug clips are so cute, I wish I had made these when the girls were little. I could totally go crazy with the ribbon too. There's so many different colors and patterns available but for now we will keep it simple. But definitely these can be customized for any occasion!
That's it for now. Moving on to other things tonight. Feeling the pressure to get some inventory ready for the Southtowne holiday show and the Oh Sweet Sadie holiday boutiques. The next three shows for Oh Sweet Sadie will be outstanding. Mark your calendar for the Sandy show (at a new venue!) Nov. 14 & 15, the Bountiful show Nov. 20-22 and the So. Jordan show Dec. 4-6. See their website for more info:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say {hello} to my little friends...

May I introduce you to our newest friends:

Lucy the Ladybug and Bob the Bumblebee! The cute little bugs will be adorable as a regular hair clip or clipped onto a headband. The ladybug would also be cute to go with Christmas outfits! Below is the more of Lucy's family gathered around the ladybug bow holder I posted about yesterday :O) And they're all looking for good homes. These are now available in my Etsy store: Tomorrow we'll meet Bella the Butterfly - fun stuff!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


How about these cute little guys? These {BOW HOLDERS} will be a great addition to the line of goods at the Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift Show. You can also find them on my store:
I don't know about you, but in our house at least 1/2 of the drawers in the girls' bathroom is dedicated to bows. That doesn't include headbands, pony tail holders, etc! That's just bows and flower clippies. And it's a mess. These bow holders would be perfect to hang on the hooks that are on the back of the bathroom door. Plus it would make whichever one we were looking for MUCH easier to find:)
Don't forget to mark your calendar for November 14-16! The gift show at Southtowne Expo Center will be HUGE and FUN! This week is a busy one for getting more products ready, including some to go with THESE bow holders, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playing catch up...

Here's another nursing cover & sling set I made for custom order. These little sparrows are way cute! Perfect for welcoming that new little girl yet stylish for today's mama!
More baby doll bassinets! And more to come. I've been neglecting the blog in an effort to stock up on goods for a big show coming up! The Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift Show will be at Southtowne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah from Friday, November 14 through Sunday, November 16th. Heather & I will be sharing a booth. This is such a BIG undertaking for two busy MOMS and we're really excited! We will have children's clothing, blankets, slings, nursing covers, burpies, hairbows, gift sets, toys and MORE...all handmade by us! Please come by and check out our goods. We'd LOVE to see you there.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

{Night, Night}

In a previous post I mentioned that I was making some fun baby doll accessories for a BIG SHOW coming up (don't worry, I'll let that cat out of the bag when it's time). The first release is called Beddy-bye Dolly! It's a cute baby doll bassinet with a matching blanket:)
The blanket is a mini quilt made from 5" squares of the same fabrics as the bassinet. In this photo, the blanket isn't finished as I still have to decide what material to put on the back. It will most likely be fleece, flannel or minky. These will be available in a variety of fabrics: pastels, jungle babies, bright designer prints, blue & brown, cherries, etc. These will make a great accompaniment to the baby doll slings too! I know my daughter would love to have these for Christmas for her American Girl dolls :) If you know someone who would love it too, then stay tuned to find out where you can get these AND lots more fun stuff! ;0 Until then, make it a good one.

Monday, October 13, 2008

{New Look}

Since I haven't put up anything new for you to read lately, how about a new look? I have lots going on right now and have been busy sewing. Here's the Readers Digest version of the latest news...I'm doing the Oh Sweet Sadie! Holiday shows coming up the end of November. Check it out here: My designer baby slings have been picked up by a local boutique. That requires it's own post so I will save the details for later. My friend Heather & I have undertaken a HUGE show (hence all the sewing) and I can't wait to share. More on that later too. I've just ordered 8 bolts of fabric direct from Westminster Fibers, the manufacturer of my FAVORITE designer's fabrics- Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry! Can't wait for it to get here. Who'd have thought I'd ever find a home for 120 yards of fabric :) Sewed 14 hooded towels last night, fun baby doll accessories tonight, family pictures coming soon, Las Vegas next week (the annual Jimmy Buffet trek), re-organized my pantry (part of some weird cleaning kick involving massive amounts of lysol and baking soda). Phew, my time limit is up, but hey, at least you can check out the new look of the blog & PLEASE let me know what you think. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

{Work In Progress}

Not only does this describe me and my life, but you can find my Halloween jars featured on their blog TODAY!!

Work In Progress is a WONDERFUL scrapbooking site where they do all the work fro you , combining the best and coolest scrapbooking supplies in a monthly kit! And when I say the "best and coolest" I mean it! These are unbelievable kits with everything you could possibly's the description of the October Main Kit: 17 sheets of patterned paper (2 7Gypsies, 3 Pink Paislee Vintage Moon and 12 College Press Jackson Lodge), two College Press alphabets, 1 Pink Paislee alphabet, 1 sheet die cut tags—College Press, 1 Sheet journaling Cards—College Press, 4 mini bingo cards from Jenni Bowlin Studios, an assortment of buttons and Die cut leaves and a label stamp from Apple Blossom Studios.

PHEW! And as if that's not enough, they have a special Halloween project kit and Add-On kits to supplement the main kit! Trish and her design team (check out the gallery!! ) have carefully selected great products so you have no excuse for NOT getting your scrapbooking done this month. Go check it out at:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Game, set, match

Another night of slings! But this one is in a coordinating set with a nursing cover. The person who ordered this from me is due any day and wanted a nursing cover to match. This Geisha Fans print by Amy Butler is so pretty. It was fun to use the red & cream polka dot on the nursing cover. It really adds personality and lightens up the olive background of the print.
Plus the pocket will be a great spot to store a binky or any nursing accessories you would need. It was tough to decide which color thread to use. I had this fabric combo before and used the olive color thread, but was thinking it showed up too much on the inside (red & cream) fabric. But if I used the cream thread it would really show up on the outside olive color fabric. So I decided to stick with the olive. BUT in the nursing cover straps & pocket (red & cream) I did use the lighter thread. I think it worked out better. What do you think?
On another note, do you remember, as a child, how you HAD to drink the milk from the bowl when you were done with your cereal? Well, Nolan has picked up on this and whenever I eat cereal and repeats "bowl, bowl," until I'm finished and let him drink the milk. It's so funny how his little head almost entirely fits into our bowls! It's Friday, so get out & enjoy the sunshine before the rain comes. It's on the way!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sling Fling

This is sling making week. Have to get ready for the "big news event" I've been talking about plus have many orders to fill. These are what I made last night:
I think this pattern is my new favorite! It's so bold and beautiful! This is for an order for a friend. Also, I made an extra for stock, which is going to be shipped tomorrow. My BFF Kelli is having me make a sling for her sister who is expecting baby #2. I am going to make HER sling tonight (fabric will arrive TODAY!) and overnight with this one above and a couple of others and some nursing covers to Kelli - PHEW! Her sister will be visiting from Southern California on Saturday with her adorable 6 month old daughter and they are going to do a photo shoot with my products! How fun is that?!? So, I will have professional photos of my goodies to post online. This is SUPER exciting for me. I know they will do a fabulous job on this! They are so fun and creative and I can't wait to see the pics! So long as I can crank out the products in time....wish me luck!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

As promised...

As promised here is a photo. The Oh Sweet Sadie! boutique in South Jordan was SO-MUCH-FUN!! The turnout was unbelievable! A success for all. Everyone was chatting, laughing and enjoying the company of friends, family and fellow browsers. It was a {blast} and a great opportunity for me to gain exposure for my baby slings. These and the nursing covers are my main focus. The most popular pattern seems to be the Olive Geisha Fans with Cherry polka dots, since I sold out of that one right away! I also took orders for this pattern:
These are part of a baby gift for Travis' cousin who is expecting any day. There is a baby sling "for baby," a baby doll sling "for aspen" (aka big sister) and matching burpies. Also included in the gift are these:
A nursing cover in a pretty Lacework floral with coordinating burpies! Hopefully these, along with a diaper cake (photo to follow), a gorgeous, custom made Binky clip and a gazillion hair accessories, will help give her a warm welcome into her new family! Two more sling/nursing cover orders to do this week, one for TWINS. Plus I haven't forgotten the "exciting news" to share but no time now! Stay tuned!