Monday, December 15, 2008

{Strawberry Shortcake}

Talk about a blast from the past!! Okay, all you ladies from the '80's...remember Strawberry Shortcake? Blueberry Muffin? Orange Blossom? Ginger Snap? Can't remember the name of the dog or the myself now, huh?!? LOL! Everything seems to come back around and so did she. This is a baby doll bassinet for a custom order made from Strawberry Shortcake fabric.
Also requested to go with this and the quilt was a matching dolly pillow. This was so FUN to make and hopefully there will be a happy little girl on Christmas morning :)I'm also finishing up my last custom order before the holiday. It's another baby doll bassinet made from skulls & crossbones with red roses. It's going to be very striking! I can't wait to finish! It's being made to match a little girls quilt she already has in her bedroom, made by her MAMA @ MY Quilter Girl. Please check out her website ( )...she does AWESOME work!

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