Monday, December 8, 2008

Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Nolan & I rushed out this morning to get our errands done before the snow came....and we BARELY made it :) He's such fun to hang out with. Everyone is always so polite when he tells them "Hi" - all 47 times. His curiosity is such that he doesn't mind going to the fabric store and Robert's with me. He just loves to look at everything, especially now with all the Christmas decorations being so bright and sparkly!

The rest of the day is dedicated to starting some custom orders due by the end of the week and working on family gifts. I've got these done already:

I absolutely LOVE my Cricut machine! And now that I've figured out how to use the sheets of vinyl, the sky's the limit. LOL! These ornaments will be cute for my sister-in-law whether she puts them on her tree or in a decorative bowl. Hope she likes them...and hope she doesn't read my blog before I can give them to her - HA HA. As much as I wish I could take credit for this idea, I actually got it (with permission) from Heather White at {unwrapped}: She always has such wonderful ideas for home dec & gift giving! She also is an incredibly talented photographer so be sure to visit her photography blog:, especially if you still need to have those family photos done for this year!

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Heather D. White said...

These turned out so cute!!