Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things that make you go "Hmmm"

So, I downloaded my pictures from the camera this morning, (a daily habit I have since losing the previous one) and I found these:

I had no idea Nolan even had my camera today! Hmmm! Note to Self: Place camera higher up, where toddler hands cannot get to it!
On a brighter note, I had a wonderful package in the MAIL!!! Here's a peek:

Look out!! Fun stuff ahead :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Saturday's class & birthday invite

This Saturday, August 30th, I will be teaching my tabbed acrylic album class at Heartfelt Creations in Sandy. It's an easy, fun and bright mini album with papers from My Mind's Eye. Coral, lime green and a soft turquoise are accented with bright white rub-ons and painted edges.

The class will be held from 10am to 12pm. Tomorrow {Thursday} is the last day to sign up.

On another note, Mira is having her 10th birthday next week and she decided she wants to have a movie party. We will have popcorn and movie theatre candy, and of course the usual birthday cake & ice cream, games, etc. No final decision on what they want to watch yet, but she's requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! I will have to come up with some creative way to decorate the cake to go with THESE invitations we made:

If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know!! My mind isn't in cake mode right's in scrapbooking, sewing & sick toddler mode. Yep, Nolan has a light summer cold. Just a runny nose & short temper - no fever or anything {thank heaven for that}.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun stuff!

Wanna know where you can find me? I'll be at the Oh Sweet Sadie! Art & Gift shows for starters! I've mentioned many arts & crafts events recently, but THIS one I'm super excited about. The Fall shows are just about here. The first one is September 19th & 20th in Suncrest (Draper). This is a beautiful model home that will be stocked full of artisan vendors, like myself, where you can find just about anything you could dream of....and then some. There is artwork, home decor, boutique style baby items, paper and fabric crafts, gifts of all sorts (better start thinking about that Christmas shopping!), quilts, clothing, purses & bags of various types, unique novelties and MORE!! My friend Heather will be there will her "famous" noodle swords :) It's unbelievable the collection of incredible goods brought together in one spot. Be sure not to miss it. I will have my hooded towels and lunch bags at the Draper show.

But even more exciting is that the following weekend, September 26th & 27th at the second Oh Sweet Sadie! Fall show in Daybreak (South Jordan), I will be premiering my REVERSIBLE DESIGNER BABY SLINGS! Pictures coming SOON! I'm sewing my fanny off to get prepared for the next month of shows, so don't be surprised if I fall off the blogging wagon a little :) Believe me, it'll be worth it! Here'a a little sneaky peeky...
Visit for more information on locations and other vendors :) Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Call me {CRAZY}

Not sure what has gotten into me. I make the cute bag & it's never enough.....why do I need the MATCHING WALLET?!? LOL! I must admit this time is no different, even though I made the bag. Any other time I got a new bag I HAD TO HAVE the matching wallet :) SO, here it is...

For my first try, it wasn't too bad. Even with having to change to the zipper foot it still only took about an hour or so, not including breaks to watch the Olympics. Lauren has been waiting all day to watch ladies gymnastics! So, to experience it together, we watched it and spoke on the phone. I'm really excited to see my BFF Kelli next week in California and be able to meet up & fly home with the girls! Hopefully Nolan will do okay on the airplane. We flew back in January to Maui but he slept most of the time. Now he's more active and it's tough to get him to sit in one place very long - luckily we will have 3 laps for him to sit on :)

Girly Girl

So, keeping consistent with my bag making's a version of a laundry type bag. Only it's made smaller (approx. 13"H x 11"W x 4" D) for everyday use. It's plenty big enough to hold a wallet, bottled water, diaper & wipes, snacks and the usual essentials one may find in, say, MY bag. The top is a drawstring type close, allowing for quick access to it's contents OR, as in my case, quick closing of the bag to keep toddler away from contents. Either way, it's quick! You get the idea. :) It calls for ties made from material, however, (if you know me well, you know what's coming) I deviated from the pattern and used a patterned grosgrain ribbon for the ties. (if you don't know me well, I rarely follow recipes OR directions very closely! LOL!) I also have some light blue grosgrain ribbon that matches well, which I will probably switch out to instead of the red & white flourishes seen here.

This fabric is new from Heather Bailey! It's Pop Garden Paisley in Ice Blue and the bottom of the bag is a tone on tone medallion type print called Gardenia by Linda Lum De Bono for Henry Glass Fabrics. They coordinate very well together. The fabric shop I love didn't have the complete Heather Bailey line in yet and suggested this red option, as I wanted something darker for the bottom that wouldn't show dirt so easy. The pattern is from Fig Tree Quilts.

Lauren has already requested one of these for school. Although we may make her the bigger version (21"H x 18"W) and add backpack style straps instead of the handles. She could use it for school or her gymnastics gear. I'm sure a trip to Material Girls in imminent upon her return. With all of her recent sewing experience in school, hopefully she can follow the pattern and make her own. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

More goodies it. Wonderful concept. Ever heard of it? I actually read about it on Flylady (another winner!) and forgot about it until my friend Kelli reminded of it when I "lost" my camera a while back. Well, I joined the forum and enjoy reading the automatic emails as they arrive in my inbox. Basically, people post things they are giving away OR they post things they need in hopes that someone else will have it & want to get rid of it. It's huge and you'd be pretty surprised what people give away. Home gyms, treadmills, cameras, outdated TVs, VCRs & DVD players, cell phones, computer equipment, lots of baby/kid stuff, animals, produce and so on. When someone gets an upgrade but the old item is still good & they don't want to throw it out, they post it on Crazy stuff.....constantly.

After a couple of garage sales for Lauren's gym, I really don't have a whole lot to offer up. But it's great reading! LOL! ANYWAY, I saw a post for someone wanting a nursing cover. So, I offered up that if she didn't find one, she could send me some fabric & I would provide the rest. Well, she took me up on the offer and upon my arrival home from vacation #1 yesterday, the fabric was in my mail! So, Charlene, here's some photos of your goods :) Hope you like them. Oh, yes, and there was some extra fabric. So, I hope you don't mind - I made a changing pad/burp cloth/lap pad type deal (with some extra terry cloth I had) and sent it with the nursing cover.

Wanted to complete this & get it off before vacation #2 next Wednesday! Tomorrow I'm off to consult as "knower of all (well, most) things scrapbooking" and create a craft/scrap space for someone else! Talk about dream job! LOL! I will have to take before & after pics & you all can let me know what you think :) Until then...enjoy what's left of summer. Kids go back to school in 2 weeks! I will post from my trip to California next week.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Acrylic Album Photos

Finally! I took {another} trip down to Heartfelt Creations to prepare my class kits and managed to remember to take photos of the 3 acrylic album samples I made for the upcoming classes. So, I can make good on my previous statement of posting the pictures, it just wasn't as quick as I'd hoped. Once the classes have been held I will post photos of the inside pages. The best part of these is that you can see all the pages through the other ones. It makes a great challenge in planning out the layouts!

The class for Saturday August 2nd is themed "Love Is" and features an 8"x8" square album from Rusty Pickle with papers from Paper Salon, brown "Family"rub-ons from DCWV, cute ribbons for the binder rings and a large rhinestone Prima swirl on the front. I' also inked the edges of the acrylic with StazOn in Timber Brown. You need to use a product similar to StazOn or else the ink will take too long to dry and smear everywhere.

The second album is a 6"x6" acrylic tabbed album (again from Rusty Pickle) using papers from My Minds Eye. I used white acrylic paint to accent the edges of the album. This class will be held on Saturday August 30th from 10a - 1pm. It's bright and fun and perfect for those summer photos.

Lastly, on September 27th will be the round "Circle of Friends" circle journal class which uses papers and embellishments from American Crafts . These are so much fun! You would create the front and back cover, a table of contents (or sign-in page) and an instruction page. Then you pack it up with a list of everyone you want it to go to and send it to the first person on the list. They then create a two-page layout in your book according to whatever "theme" you have set with the journal. (This one is friend journal so they would simply do their layout about themselves. I have seen them themed as favorite movie, superheroes, recipes, quirks, music, etc.) When they are done with their layout (I usually set a time limit) they send it to the next person on the list and so on. Then when everyone has completed their pages it gets sent back to you and you have a lasting memory of the important friends in your life. It's fun that it also captures each person's style and personality.

Well, the to-do list isn't getting any shorter. Happy Friday!