Sunday, August 10, 2008

Call me {CRAZY}

Not sure what has gotten into me. I make the cute bag & it's never enough.....why do I need the MATCHING WALLET?!? LOL! I must admit this time is no different, even though I made the bag. Any other time I got a new bag I HAD TO HAVE the matching wallet :) SO, here it is...

For my first try, it wasn't too bad. Even with having to change to the zipper foot it still only took about an hour or so, not including breaks to watch the Olympics. Lauren has been waiting all day to watch ladies gymnastics! So, to experience it together, we watched it and spoke on the phone. I'm really excited to see my BFF Kelli next week in California and be able to meet up & fly home with the girls! Hopefully Nolan will do okay on the airplane. We flew back in January to Maui but he slept most of the time. Now he's more active and it's tough to get him to sit in one place very long - luckily we will have 3 laps for him to sit on :)

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