Friday, August 8, 2008

More goodies it. Wonderful concept. Ever heard of it? I actually read about it on Flylady (another winner!) and forgot about it until my friend Kelli reminded of it when I "lost" my camera a while back. Well, I joined the forum and enjoy reading the automatic emails as they arrive in my inbox. Basically, people post things they are giving away OR they post things they need in hopes that someone else will have it & want to get rid of it. It's huge and you'd be pretty surprised what people give away. Home gyms, treadmills, cameras, outdated TVs, VCRs & DVD players, cell phones, computer equipment, lots of baby/kid stuff, animals, produce and so on. When someone gets an upgrade but the old item is still good & they don't want to throw it out, they post it on Crazy stuff.....constantly.

After a couple of garage sales for Lauren's gym, I really don't have a whole lot to offer up. But it's great reading! LOL! ANYWAY, I saw a post for someone wanting a nursing cover. So, I offered up that if she didn't find one, she could send me some fabric & I would provide the rest. Well, she took me up on the offer and upon my arrival home from vacation #1 yesterday, the fabric was in my mail! So, Charlene, here's some photos of your goods :) Hope you like them. Oh, yes, and there was some extra fabric. So, I hope you don't mind - I made a changing pad/burp cloth/lap pad type deal (with some extra terry cloth I had) and sent it with the nursing cover.

Wanted to complete this & get it off before vacation #2 next Wednesday! Tomorrow I'm off to consult as "knower of all (well, most) things scrapbooking" and create a craft/scrap space for someone else! Talk about dream job! LOL! I will have to take before & after pics & you all can let me know what you think :) Until then...enjoy what's left of summer. Kids go back to school in 2 weeks! I will post from my trip to California next week.

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