Thursday, November 6, 2008


This I muttered to myself at the stroke of midnight. I am on a strict schedule in order to complete all that is needed for TWO shows next week and two more through the first weekend in December. One whole day is set aside this weekend for a new product and I'm afraid if I get behind I won't be able to do it.

Yesterday was incredibly productive (maybe because the power cord to my laptop went out, so it limits my computer time). 8 nursing covers and 5 blankets....phew. Why is it that toddlers are programmed with a sensor that KNOWS when mama has had a late night and it wakes them up early? Ever notice that? Kids "pick" the worst days to get up an hour (OR TWO) earlier than normal. Just like when you plan a day around their nap it doesn't seem to work out. I digress... easily distracted due to lack of sleep.

Here's a few of the blankets I did yesterday that go with the baby doll bassinets:

I'm sewing at the dining room table because my craft room is full of GRID! I am trying to layout the grid & furniture I will be using in the booth at Southtowne so setup won't be so crazy. Since my experience with displays on grid is limited (like, NONE) it definitely takes some practice and rearranging to make things look presentable. One benefit of working in the dining room is Nolan can see me (my craft room is in the back of the house) so I can work all day, at least intermittently when he is playing, etc.
Another perk is that I can hear the TV and hang out with the family in the evenings. Mira LOVES to snip the thread off when I'm done sewing. So we sit at the table & chat. She always comes up with sewing projects she wants me to do for her. Next on her list? Satin pajama pants and a new quilt for her bed so we can redecorate her room :) I think that actually may be the next project when these boutiques are done. I've put so much time into sewing for the business that it's time to do some sewing for US :) Can't wait!
So, back to it! Hope to have the baby doll bassinets done by Saturday, which is a stretch. I will post photos along the way but expect short posts.

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