Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh Baby!!

These are my top 2 selling items at the last 2 boutiques; the baby doll sling (in action with Mira and Bitty Twin Boy):
and the baby doll cloth diapers:
I've always made the slings and added the diapers to go with the bassinets I made, but I didn't really think I'd sell out! I mean, I knew they were cute BUT I can't make enough of 'em! Want some of your own (or for your little "mommy")? Well, just watch the OH SWEET SADIE blog this week ( and enter to win your set. They may or may not be the ones pictured here but I guarantee they'll be CUTE.

P.S. For any fellow Twilight fans...the bottom 12 songs on my playlist (scroll down, it's on the right) are from the soundtrack! :)

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