Friday, October 3, 2008

Game, set, match

Another night of slings! But this one is in a coordinating set with a nursing cover. The person who ordered this from me is due any day and wanted a nursing cover to match. This Geisha Fans print by Amy Butler is so pretty. It was fun to use the red & cream polka dot on the nursing cover. It really adds personality and lightens up the olive background of the print.
Plus the pocket will be a great spot to store a binky or any nursing accessories you would need. It was tough to decide which color thread to use. I had this fabric combo before and used the olive color thread, but was thinking it showed up too much on the inside (red & cream) fabric. But if I used the cream thread it would really show up on the outside olive color fabric. So I decided to stick with the olive. BUT in the nursing cover straps & pocket (red & cream) I did use the lighter thread. I think it worked out better. What do you think?
On another note, do you remember, as a child, how you HAD to drink the milk from the bowl when you were done with your cereal? Well, Nolan has picked up on this and whenever I eat cereal and repeats "bowl, bowl," until I'm finished and let him drink the milk. It's so funny how his little head almost entirely fits into our bowls! It's Friday, so get out & enjoy the sunshine before the rain comes. It's on the way!

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