Friday, September 19, 2008

Boutique-y Peeky

Come one, come all to Oh Sweet Sadie! in Draper! This home is beautiful and chock FULL of unbelievable delights! Last night during set up here's a {FEW} things I saw: Halloween decor, jewelry, photography, gift wrapping & adorable gift bags ready to use, hand made kids furniture, designer clothing for women, boutique style everything for kids, superhero capes, pin cushions that look like cupcakes, hand made scarves of all varieties (silk, wool, knitted) hair bows GALORE, petticoats & Fun stuff for the little ones, and so on. Every room in this HUGE custom home is carefully planned to pack in the best things for you to enjoy!

(Not sure what caused the blurry photos! Nolan must be at my camera AGAIN!)

While I don't get to bring ALL my goods this time, I have a few things that fit in well. I have the Halloween stuff, lunch/gift bags and hooded towels. Next weekend I will also have baby slings and a few more goodies. The Holiday shows will have EVERYTHING I make (nursing covers, burp cloths, slings, kids sized baby doll slings, tote bags & purses with wallets, diaper bags & changing pads, etc) including my latest addition - designer camera straps! More on that to come. In the meantime, please stop by Oh Sweet Sadie! and DO say hello!

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