Tuesday, September 16, 2008

{Day 6} and {Candy Tree}

Today is day 6 of my sourdough starter. I was honestly a little worried about it there for a while. As previously mentioned, I can kill houseplants, even a cactus...let alone a colony of living organisms that need to be fed daily. So, one day I fed the starter without dumping half the contents first. The result was no bubbles, no activity. So, I fed it again 12 hours later (instead of 24 hours) and gave it extra this time. Now we're back in action and I think it's almost done. Today it was bubbly, smells like sourdough now (it was smelling sort of like paint) and even has some fluffy froth! If all goes well it should be complete tomorrow. Without the set back it would've probably been a crusty loaf of bread accompanied by some Brie or Italian food by now :) Recipes to follow soon.
How many times, as a kid, have you dreamt of having a candy tree in your yard where you could pluck from it whichever type of sweet treat you wanted at that moment?
Continuing with the Halloween preparations, we have our own (albeit smaller) version. It includes all of our favorites (the Baby Ruths are for ME!)and the fun part of this is that you could use anything. If you were to give it a a gift you could fill it with all the same thing if the recipient was passionate about one particular kind! This one will most likely grace my table at the Oh Sweet Sadie! boutiques. If all else fails, I can eat it if it's slow - but hopefully it WON'T be :)

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