Thursday, September 4, 2008

Aprons & Visitors

In preparing for the Avenues Street Fair (going on this Saturday, downtown Salt Lake on 3rd Ave. between I & N - from 9am-6pm) I was asked where I was going to keep my money, paper & pen, etc....the few essential items one would need. After pondering this overnight, I decided that a little apron with pockets would be cute. So this morning before the kids woke up I revisited my fabric stash and found some scraps I could work with and put it together while Nolan took a nap this afternoon. These were left overs from a tote/diaper bag I made. Don't you just love Amy Butler's Midwest Modern line? Not only is it functional, but it's bright colors will {hopefully} draw customers from down the street! :) You can't miss this one, huh? LOL!
Usually nap time is my ONLY time of the day for "me." I try to eat lunch alone and recharge my batteries. So while I'm sewing my apron today, the dogs start to go CRAZY, barking and carrying on. Maybe since I've lived in some not so desirable areas in my life, I tend to not answer the door if I'm home alone and not expecting anyone. But there was an unfamiliar man outside. I watched out the window for a minute and he proceeded to put a sign up in my yard. My first assumption was he was from some political campaign and was putting a sign of support in my yard since he thought I wasn't home (don't EVEN ask me who I am voting for!) so I flung open he door and announced "Can I help you, SIR?!" Turns out I need to just keep on sewing next time...he was from the Homeowners Association and here's what the sign read:
Apparently they like our colorful yard. After he handed me the Cafe Rio gift card I was ready to invite him in for coffee and fresh banana bread :) Isn't it funny how we can become programmed to think negatively in an unknown situation? Actually, I felt a little embarrassed for charging outside but mama can't help be protective of her family :) And the gift card is AwEsOmE!! No one else in the family - besides me - likes Cafe Rio! YAY! Now I have a reason to go. The chicken salad is the best thing ever. My mouth's watering already.

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The Howick Family said...

Awesome apron! I need to make myself one of those... I'm not really into this whole apron craze - I mean, they are super cute but I would never really wear one. But this one, I would wear, for business purposes. Way cute! Thanks for the inspiration!