Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I can't believe it's not buttered popcorn!

Happy Birthday MIRA! This is what she saw when she came out of her room this am: (Yes, I sat & waited with the camera!)
She loves to ride her scooter and has been hinting at wanting one of these electric ones. This one is a little bigger and will hold more weight, i.e., Travis (I think that was a selling point!) She's in "double digits" now as she clearly has reminded us all...several times :) This afternoon she is having her girlfriends over to watch Nim's Island in the Love Sac and play games, eat pizza, etc. I'm actually looking forward to it as all of her friends get along very well and are so sweet. Here's a peek of what I came up with to go with the movie theme of the day:

Nope, it's not popcorn...that wouldn't taste so good on chocolate cupcakes :) It's pastel yellow marshmallows! When you cut them into pieces and stick the freshly cut sides back together, it {sort of} looks like popcorn. I was going to cover the entire top of the cupcake with the "popcorn" but I thought that may be a little too much. Then the girls would be taking the marshmallows off and they'd get all over the place, plastered to who knows what by the vanilla frosting, in the get the idea. So, less is more - right?!?

Last night brought more goodies for the craft expo on Saturday - hooded towels. These are slightly smaller, toddler to 4T size. The ribbons are so fun and hopefully they are well received.

More slings, even kid sized ones, tonight. As always I will post more photos as I make progress.

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