Monday, September 15, 2008

Halloween {FUN}

The weekend has come and quickly. More of the same for our family - shopping with Grandma, BBQ (while we still can!), crafting and creative stuff with the kids, walks to the park, Sunday dinner all together. We really need to spend as much time as we can outside, enjoying the perfect 85 degree weather :) The time will change and the days will cool off, ahhhhh Fall is approaching. It's a tremendous time of year here in Utah. When we lived in California, it was nice but the seasonal change in the mountains is something to behold! We always try to take a drive into the canyons to see the beautiful colors and changing leaves. It's absolutely amazing. A feast for the eyes. Experiencing the different seasons is such a treat for the girls & I.

This is a custom acrylic album I did this weekend for someone who liked my classes but wanted something tailored to her specific needs. It's a LOVE themed album in black, white & red. She's going to use all black & white photos and it should be a stunning gift for her someone special.

With Oh Sweet Sadie! this weekend I wanted to include some Halloween goodies for my display. I've already shown a preview of the treat jars but now there are MANY more of them and they are complete with candies! As I mentioned before I was doing a "spin off" of the lunch sacks with a Halloween twist. They're so cute and even the girls helped with the designs :)

Some are the original lunch sack style and others are tote style. These will be great for lunches, gift bags, treat bags on Halloween, anything really. They're sturdy and fun! The black felt is glittered but the photos don't do it justice.

I'm also working on a candy topiary to display on my table to make it more festive. Should have it done later today & I will share a photo! :) I'm really looking forward to a fabulous boutique and seeing what the OTHER 80 VENDORS have! Hope to see you there and please stop by to say hello!

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Jaylynn said...

Wow..! These Halloween bags are looking so cute and awesome.