Wednesday, June 11, 2008

M.I.A. and a sneaky peeky

Have I been "missing in action?" Only here, every other part of life, definitely not. I've been in a little bit of a "funk" lately, in large part due to my lost camera. But I've now fixed that!! Life is getting back on track. I've rounded the corner and have SO much to share. Lots of good things happening, the first is THIS:

YAY!! Meet the Sony Cybershot DSC-T300, my new best friend. I toiled over whether to get another point & shoot or an SLR, but with my lifestyle this works much better. And thus far I've been very impressed with the features and options. The back is a 3.5" touchscreen display. You can edit onscreen before you ever download the photos to your computer and even review your shots in a slideshow with music! The best features I've discovered are the Smile Shutter and the Child vs. Adult Priority settings. The Smile Shutter recognizes facial movement, as when someone laughs or smiles and it takes the shot (instead of waiting for my easily distracted, slow hand to press the shutter). The Priority settings use scene recognition to focus more on children's (or adult) faces in the scene.

So, were back in business in the camera department! And I have much to catch up on. I have completed all three (3!) acrylic albums for my classes at Heartfelt Creations and will post them here very soon. I have opened a little shop on ETSY and have sold everything that I've put up! I will be making more goodies to post onto the store and will preview it here first, so keep your eyes open for that along with a link.

Lastly, I have a little "sneaky peeky" at my (and Lauren's) new venture!

Any ideas? This calls for a give away!!! If you think you know, post a comment and the first one to get it right will get some goodies to enjoy.

It's GOOD to be BACK!

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