Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The missing piece of me

While I will admit the posts have been sparse lately, there is good reason. Between the 3 albums I have to make for the scrapbook classes and being elected to the Booster Club Board for Lauren's gym and trips to the emergency room with Nolan and the other daily events of life, I'm barely keeping my head above water. And this is difficult with a major piece of me missing...

When one has a small child it's extremely important to have those little safety latches on the cabinets. And I do. However, they're incredibly cheap and break WAY too easy. At one time I had plenty of extras but as each member of the house has broken one here or there they've all been used up. After many trips to the normal places (Target, Walmart, Babies R Us) I can't find the same ones I previously bought. The advantage to using the same ones is that I only have to replace the latch, not the piece that screws into the cabinet door. If I can't find the same ones, then I will have to go around the house and replace with whichever new ones I buy. Yes, this does relate to the title of this blog!! Bear with me.

So, in having some latches broken, Nolan has figured out there's so much more to get into. The medicine drawer in the master bath, the kitchen garbage....ahhh, here we are, the gist of the story. Nolan is such a wonderful helper. When he's done with something he loves to throw away the paper or package in the kitchen trash. Then he will return and smile & clap his hands and we'll exclaim "YAYYY Nolan" in encouragement. Well, as the latch has been broken for a week or so I've discovered things missing. When he finished his juice, guess where the sippy cup goes? Yep, in the trash! Silverware, yep! Toys and books, yep! I find myself going through the trash a couple times a day (YUCK).

One last scenario, hang in there. So, last Monday Lauren took my camera into gym. We had this cute chipboard album made for the Owner of her gym (she's also Lauren's coach) which spells out the name of the gym. Lauren was going to take photos of the girls and other coaches so we could put the album together. Anyway, she returns the camera to me that night. Then the next afternoon, Travis cleaned out my car (more like pimped out my car) as he needed to use it to take his boss and some visitors around his territory the next morning. Everything came out, even the car seat ( and toys & cheerios & school know how it can get).

I can't wait any longer.......MY CAMERA IS MISSING!!!!! I went to get it out of the car (where I left it last Monday) and NOT SO MUCH. Travis insists it wasn't there Tuesday when he mucked out the car. So after much deliberation I have come to the conclusion that (as he LOVES anything electronic looking) I think Nolan has thrown it away :( Ipods, cell phones and the like are fair game for Nolan if you leave it within little hands reach. He'll push buttons, reset defaults and place random calls, he's even sent a (blank) email from my blackberry!

So, while I haven't been posting lately, rest assured I have been looking under furniture, between cushions, in drawers, EVERYWHERE for my precious camera. I am LOST without it. It truly is a "piece of me." I have come to carry it everywhere like my trusty sidekick. I am absolutely beside myself. One upside, I hadn't taken any pictures that hadn't been downloaded. But still, the thought of having to go buy another camera just puts a knot in my stomach. If anyone has any suggestions as to a good camera to consider, I'm open!

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