Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still Here...

Yes, I'm still here. So much going on with Mother's Day and an impromptu trip to Napa, California last weekend. The weather was PERFECT, especially for laying out by the pool.
Now that I'm refreshed (sort of) I am getting ready for my next three classes that will be taught at Heartfelt Creations in Sandy, Ut. There will be an album class for July, August & September. All the information (for all 3 classes) will be posted in their newsletter which comes out July 1. To sign up for their newsletter, please visit: http://www.heartfeltpages.com/ . I will also be posting photos of each album as I complete them between now & the middle of June.

**Also, don't forget about the Making Memories Baby Love book give away.** Customize your MM Desktop Organizer and get your photos to me by May 25th! The winner will get a copy of the NEW book! If you can't find one locally, please contact me & I can help you get / find one. libby@scraphappystore.com

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