Friday, June 13, 2008

Easy Idea

My Mom & I were talking about all these CFO's (Chief Family Officers) who were making a quest out of living frugally. They take clipping coupons to the next level. They keep their blog and give an account of what they spend. It's astounding how many of them are cutting their grocery budgets down next to nothing! In fact I read one woman's blog where her grocery budget, with 3 girls, was $800 for the YEAR. I know some people who spend that per MONTH! So, while you'd think she'd be half way through her funds by now, she actually has MORE than she started with by using coupons with in-store specials and getting many things free. It's unbelievable. Here's a link to one that shows you how to do it:

So, the question was with clipping (or printing your own) coupons, how do you keep them organized? Here's my version of just that. It's complete except for labeling each pocket. With this black cardstock I used, I was considering using a white chalk pen at the top of each library pocket. The categories would be, for example, dairy, bread & bakery, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, personal hygiene, pet, baby, even specific stores or restaurants you would regularly go to. This is an EASY, EASY project. Took me less than an hour to have most of it together and I used the leftovers from my September "Circle of Friends" acrylic album sample for the class at Heartfelt Creations! :) (Paper by American Crafts) After punching the holes I used binder rings to hold them together.

My Mom liked the idea and I am making her one. I will post the photos when it's finished. As always, would love to hear your comments/feedback! Have a great weekend. Looks like the weather here in Utah is FINALLY cooperating and we are expecting fantastic sunny days for the foreseeable future! Enjoy!

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