Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bebe au Lait and summer's bounty

Have you ever procrastinated a task because it seemed SO daunting? And then once you got up the gumption to dive in you ask yourself "Why did I wait so long to do that, it wasn't near as bad as I'd thought it would be?" Maybe you even enjoyed it? That's exactly what happened to me with this:

Travis' cousin is having baby #4 and by now all the basics from previous babies are well worn out. Instead of buying these nursing covers (aka Bebe au Lait or Hooter Hiders), I knew I could make them with even cuter fabrics and include matching burp cloths. Now that I've made the tote bag I could even do a diaper bag! Oh, the snow ball gets bigger!!! This turned out WAY better than I had anticipated and now I can't wait to make more. Who's havin' a baby?!? And, of course, these are available on the Etsy Shop here: . It's about 24" x 36" and has boning sewn in around the neck so Mama can see the baby but no one else can. Now I'm working on a new logo to include fabric crafts in "Scrap Happy" so watch for the change soon. And if anyone wants an awesome baby gift, you know where to find me!! I've already started my next project and it's so fun! So stay tuned :)

Today was our day to bring fresh fruit to snack on for all the girls at Lauren's gym. Each day a different person will bring fruit & / or veggies. The girls work out from 8:00am until 2:00pm everyday and only take a 15 minute break aroud noon to snack, no lunch break. So, this morning at 6:00am I began to get everything together. My kitchen smelled SOOOOO good with all the fresh goodies! It really reminded me how I look forward to summer and the special things summer brings. With the kids home from school, it's easy to get caught up in the busy everyday stuff. But there's so much to enjoy too! Hope you all are enjoying summer's bounty as well!

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