Monday, December 20, 2010

{Neighbor gifts}

As Christmas approaches, we tend to turn our thoughts to those that we care about and who share our lives.  One group in particular would be the neighbors.  For me this group in a fairly new concept...

When I lived in California, I lived next to the same people for 10 years and never even knew their names.  Not even their LAST names.  Couldn't pick 'em out in a line up.  Since you just DIDN'T allow your children to play out front - only in the backyard, we never even gave the cordial "wave" as they drove by.

Utah has been such a refreshing change!  The culture is completely different and it's amazingly wonderful to feel that sense of belonging and community.  The very day we moved in to our home, we had treats delivered by hand and offers to help in so many ways!  Crazy but awesome.  To share in the lives of others and know that someone is always watching and vice versa is very comforting.

To those nearby that we appreciate so much we wanted to make a little something to please the palette.  Enter the pretzel hugs!  These are totally easy but taste unbelievably good!

Take the pretzels and line a baking sheet with them.  Then stack a Hershey kiss or hug on top.  For the kisses I used the ones with caramel inside.

Put into the oven at 170 degrees for 5-8 minutes.  Remove and press an M&M into the softened hug or kiss.  I used M&Ms for the striped hugs (in green and red, of course) and for the ones with the caramel kisses I pressed a pecan half into the top - YUM!  Put them in the freezer for 8-10 minutes and package as desired.  These are really SO tasty and simple enough for the kiddos to help with!

What are YOUR neighbor gifts this year?

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