Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's a PARTY!

Nolan's 4th birthday and his first REAL birthday party.  It's a bummer to have your birthday two days after Christmas, so anticlimactic.  But it's also very tough to PLAN a birthday party 2 days after Christmas.  People are typically partied out by this time.  Not in the mood for more food, more presents, more traveling or more merriment!

His request is for a "cop party." Obviously my attempts to eek out better behavior have instilled a strong respect for police officers and the powerful position they hold.  The whole "good guy, bad guy" thing has taken hold and he LOVES cops.

So, in that vein, here's what I've some up with for invites:

Not great lighting, but you get the idea :)  I had metallic blue cardstock and a white printed invite on the top, but before attaching the invite I wrapped a wide piece of yellow ribbon around it, which allowed me to clip on the police badge.

We will be hand delivering these since the badges make the envelopes pretty bulky.

Oh, and yes.... totally caved to having the party at Chuck E. Cheese (blech).  We've never been there before but Nolan insists that his birthday party MUST happen there.  Easy clean up I guess, huh?

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