Sunday, December 13, 2009

Make or Bake (girl verison) vol. 2 - WORKDAY

As mentioned HERE, my plate is quite full these days trying to come up with options for "make or bake" gifts for the family.

Today I worked on multiple projects. I really want the gifts for my kids to be things they'll actually use and love. For Mira I've been working on some re-decorating items for her room:

She needs some type of artwork for the walls and I decided to go with something more 3-D than a painting. This is two canvasses that have one scene and its done with FELT. The little wing of the lovebird looks a bit like a paisley which is what her bedding is.

The girls have TV's in their rooms (another post all it's own!) and each night she spends so much time trying to track down her remotes. Most of the time they've gotten made right into the bed! So behold the remote caddy that exactly fits the side rail of her sleigh bed :)

It's been more challenging than I'd anticipated converting from a pink flower-y room to a brown & turquoise room. I still have a TON of shelves to finish but I think when it's all done, it will be darling.

For Nolan I made a hot wheels caddy that has a figure 8 race track and pockets to tuck his cars into. It folds in half and rolls up to toss into a bag & take on the go.

Now that he's potty trained we really don't take a diaper bag anymore, but even at home this will be great because it doesn't take up very much room to store.

For some of the other girls in our family, I made a few fabric headbands and some matching hairclips...what girl could have too many of these?

For my mom & sister I also made some functional goodies but since they read this blog, the details will just have to wait :) It feels really good to see so many things crossed off my list of things to "make or bake." Hopefully I can finish in the next week (or so) and be able to enjoy more free time with the family....I'd like to take them to see some Christmas lights and to see the Princess & the Frog. Maybe I should put those on my to do list so they're sure to get done, huh? :)

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