Saturday, December 5, 2009

Make or Bake 2.5 vol. 1

As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I am really trying to get back to enjoying the holiday season. This year I have committed to slow down and savor every moment. Along with keeping it simple, we are going with a "make or bake" theme for our gift giving. While I do want to truly take in all the holidays have to offer, trying to come up with creative gift ideas for my family has been tough, even a bit stressful. So I will share with you here on the blog the things I come up with.

For Nolan I was trying to come up with games or educational type things he could play with. A 2.5 year old doesn't have a very long attention span but he does love to play games. So, first off I thought of a "memory" game. There's a few different approaches I could use, but I decided to go with something more tactile than fabric or paper. Here I used wooden discs! I stamped the fronts with his initial "N" and the back with pairs of jungle animals.


Then I was going to make ABC flash cards, but thought these would bigger and more fun!

(can't get this picture to rotate :( They are quilted with colorful fabric on the front, flannel on the back and batting sandwiched in between.

Hopefully he will love them and it will make his

a little brighter :)

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