Friday, July 18, 2008

What day is it?

It can't possibly be FRIDAY? Can it? Where do the days go? The summer is flying by! This week has been full of sewing projects for a craft fair in Park City this Sunday. A new friend of mine does a lot of the same things I do and we are thinking of partnering up and selling our creations. I will post more about that endeavor later. But for now, I have to get everything ready to send out for sale Sunday. Here are some pics...

This is a changing pad to match the diaper bag I just made, including strips of fabric just like the lining of the bag! It has SUPER SOFT minky fabric on the other side and a fabric loop to add a toy to keep baby busy during the diaper change.

Here's another nursing cover (Hooter Hider) and matching burpies.

Two more hoded towels for Nolan.

And a sneak peek of the last project I haven't yet finished. Hopefully I can post the finished photos tomorrow (I'd better or I will have missed my deadline!) So, gotta keep the momentum going but I will post later today, as I've promised Lauren & Mira some special pics to view while they are away in California. Until then, enjoy the beautiful day!


Traci Salinas said...

I love these fabrics. I love the colors and the way they coordinate. Let me know when you finish the project. Love you!

Erin K said...

These items are all amazing too! You are great!