Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just in time and {RULES}

Continued from Friday's post, I have indeed finished my stated project in time! YAY! Tote/Diaper Bag, including diaper case with a flap (my first one like this). Now I will have two sets of everything to send to the Arts & Crafts fair in Park City tomorrow.

Rules. While to some they may seem restrictive, we need to have rules in life. They build structure and consistency and all those things we need to help shape us into better people. That being said, kids especially need rules. OUR HOUSE especially needs rules. Sometimes when we are together as much as families are, we tend to forget the protocol in how to deal with those we love. Loved ones are important to us but it's easy to take them for granted. We can sometimes act nicer toward friends and others in our lives because they can turn away at any time, whereas our family can't. They will always love matter what. Well, as a friendly reminder, I've made this "family rule" board to sit on the buffet in the dining room. Some of these rules, if you really think about them, may seem redundant. But for our family they are each meaningful and important. Hopefully we can work harder to make our home more peaceful and comfortable to all, not just to those who visit.

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