Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flower update and chore chart

A few weeks ago I had posted a picture of the flowers in my yard when we had first planted vs. what they looked like at 2 weeks. Well, now it's been 6 weeks and here's the difference.
And I just happened to catch this picture of a butterfly on my zinnia. Thought Lauren & Mira would like this one :) Still lovin' the camera!

In the evenings, after Nolan goes to bed, I often spend some quiet time on the front balcony, reflecting on the day and this place in life. And the sweet smell from the flowers is so unbelievable. It's such a wonderful payoff to the days of stiff muscles and back pain immediately following the planting back in June! It's also bittersweet because now that they are at their peak, it also means summer is flying by and we will be getting back to school and cooler weather. One day at a time, though. I'm going to try to savor everyday! This is my first summer being home and it can't be in vein, right?!

I've also been working on getting more sewing done and creating some things for home. This chore chart was inspired by a Christmas gift I saw over at {unwrapped} ( Heather was kind enough to give me her vinyl contact, Deidre at Wall Frenze and she made some great stuff for me, including the "family rules" board I already posted. While I am a "stay at home" mom, I rarely "stay at home" if you know what I mean. Between the sewing and teaching classes and serving as a board member on the gymnastics Booster Club, etc. etc. etc - I'm stinking busy and I refuse to be any one's maid. I go above and beyond to help everyone in this family and it's time they are accountable to return the courtesy. it is.

Each disc to the right of the "chore" or room to help out with will {eventually} contain a family member's picture. Who ever is to help out with that particular room for the week will find their disc hanging next to it. I especially dig that last one....Mom's choice :) After much painting and sanding I still have yet to decide where this will reside. Obviously somewhere in plain sight would be advantageous, but maybe the girls can agree on the best spot when they get back. Meanwhile, it's done and will hopefully assist in the ongoing task of helping our family stay organized and a little less CHAOTIC!

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