Monday, November 29, 2010

Spread the Christmas Cheer....

via Shutterfly!  We all get so busy with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it often times becomes a chore challenge to get those Christmas cards out, not to mention print the updated family picture to insert into said cards!  For those of you who know me, you know that I spend day after day designing personal stationery and wedding invitations for others.  Not only do I not have the TIME to design my own Christmas cards, it's too difficult a task!  We are usually our own worst critic and I become so indecisive with the design options that I can hardly make a choice for myself.

So, THIS year I'm delegating.  YAY!  Leaving the work to someone else.  Seriously, I could deliberate and procrastinate 'till the week before Christmas - like last year OR I can cross yet another item off the ever-growing holiday to-do-list!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this one here!

This one would be perfect to insert pics of all 3 of the kids.  With mine it'd be near impossible to get one altogether....without someone crying anyway :)

Some of the other Christmas designs I'm considering are here and here.

The Shutterfly designs are simple, colorful and absolutely fun.  And from previous experience printing my photos with Shutterfly, they will be nothing short of perfect!  Their photo prints are great quality and ship super fast!

Still looking for gift ideas? Make a photo calendar here!  Need invitations for your cookie exchange?  Find the perfect one here.  Need a birthday card like NO other? Find it here!

Make it easy this year and don't let the details bog you down.  Enjoy every moment and check out the great options at Shutterfly!


Tahnie said...

Hi there!

I saw that you really loved the Stella & Dot stuff on the Today's Creative Blog Gift Guide. I would be more than happy to mail you our complete catalog.

Let me know. Happy Holidays! :)

Anonymous said...

Simple and sweet. I’m thinking of starting another blog or five pretty soon, and I’ll definitely consider this theme. Keep ‘em coming!