Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ring the alarm!

Holy corn chowder, Batman! I've been wanting to make this recipe from The Pioneer Woman for a minute and finally did it today. And it's DELISH! Great for a chilly Sunday afternoon 'cuz it'll keep you warmed up with these:

Chipotles in Adobo sauce - yum!

It's a quick soup and so easy to improvise too. BUT, one word of was too spicy for my kids. They ended up with turkey sliders (recipe to come another day). Give it a try!

You brown up the bacon until you've got a bit of fat rendered in the pan. Then add your onion (I also added carrots) and stir until translucent. Maybe toss in a pat or two of butter just for fun :) Add your corn, diced chipotles ( I used 2 as it suggests but use caution) and chicken stock.

Let them cook around for a bit. Then add the cream (didn't suggest it was low fat!) and green chiles.

Throw in a little cornmeal to thicken things up a bit

(I also added some leftover mashed potatoes from last night - YUM) and simmer for 15 minutes. Done!

Serve with your artisan bread of choice and enjoy! Can't say enough about how much I loved this soup! Simple and delicious. Love that Ree Drummond - she rocks!

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