Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Fun

This is the first year that Nolan is really "into" Halloween. He put great thought into what he wanted to be (and it changed MANY times before we actually decided) which ended up to be either a werewolf (inspired by Jacob) or a pirate. Lucky for us, his auntie just happens to have 3 boys and one of the cutest pirate costumes around!  First stop - Salt Lake Police Department!
Got to sit in the fire engine...
sound the siren on the motorbike...
and shoot an airsoft gun (which he now insists Santa is bringing him for Christmas!).

Then once it was time for Trick or Treating we had to add the mustache - a la Captain Hook era.

The girls are "too old" for dressing up.  Or so they thought until they saw everyone else out & about.  Impromptu costumes came out and off they went to bring back some candy loot!  It was short lived, thanks to the rain, but we had so much fun eating treats and sitting by the fire.

This is truly a wonderful time of year.  Feeling the excitement of the season setting in!! :)

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