Friday, September 3, 2010

We {heart} birthdays!

It's so difficult to believe that my middle child is turning TWELVE! It's that awkward age; no longer a child but not yet a teenager. The top of the ladder (6th grade) in elementary school but soon to go straight back down to the bottom in middle school.

We didn't really have a "theme" per se, however, she did want to camp out in the backyard.
So we set up the tent, the goodies and the fire pit for a night of giggles & treats!

All of the paper goods I made using the awesome works of Rhonna Farrer / House of 3, including the cupcake wrappers, water bottles, banners, napkin rings, name tags and decor for the candy jars! Rhonna is my all-time favorite designer and you will LOVE everything he does!
{Marshmallow pops!}
{the cupcakes BEFORE baby brother swiped his fingers through!}
The girls all had so much fun and actually got a little bit of sleep. They came in early the next morning for some homemade cinnamon rolls & OJ!

Happy birthday, Mira! Love you, sweets xoxo

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