Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Family Members

Ever since we got back from Kelli's house, the kids have been talking about Speedy the turtle. He IS very cute and IS fun but I'm not sure that we need a turtle. With 3 kids and a LARGE dog, we really don't have much time for another pet.

That being said, we have found a compromise.....FISH.

I'm not a big fish fan, but Lauren has been talking about a fish for quite some time and Nolan gets so excited when we discuss it. So when we went to my mom's house last weekend to help her with her garage sale, my sister had a fish tank for sale. Done! Easy! Cheap! If it didn't work, no big expense to feel bad about. Right?

Not quite. The tank didn't have a pump. Going down to Petco to get one would've been $40. A whole new fish tank WITH a pump, goodies for the inside AND fish food was $45. Another decision made easy.

SO today we brought home our new friends.

Nolan got to choose the names....Bob and Patrick. So original for two fellows that live under the sea, huh?

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