Friday, September 24, 2010

Cute Flower necklace

Yep, another Vintage Groove creation. Seriously, these are so easy and turn out SO well, I feel that there will be many more to come in the very near future. If you're related to me - don't look! You may be getting one of these beauties for Christmas :)
Started with the same antique gold chain as last time but went for another color scheme. First was this pendant! So awesome because it comes JUST LIKE YOU SEE IT! The cute circle with the glazed petite flower center and the long strand with complimentary beads of all sizes. Just attach it with the jump ring on the top and move next! Next comes the cute little red flower finding that adds a visual break in the line of the chain. Takes all of two minutes to add in with a handy pair of round tip pliers :) Love it!Lastly I added a small ceramic flower in a complimentary coral color to the opposite side for a bit more interest - again...2 minutes tops.If you're like me & LOVE the instant gratification, then this is for YOU! Ten or fifteen minutes and VOILA - you've got an awesome accessory that will cost $10-12 at most if you use your Michael's coupons. Plus, when you get compliments on them (which you will) you can take pride when you say "Thanks, I made it!"

Wanna know where to find the goods? The Michael's in the Draper Peaks shopping center on 12300 South in Draper. There's an end cap display that looks like THIS:
While Michael's doesn't yet carry the entire line YET, they have a pretty good selection. This is the only Michael's in Utah that carries the Vintage Groove line so far. If we can show them how much we LOVE the products by purchasing them, then they will bring in the entire line, which includes pearl strands, bead strands and MORE. Let's show some LOVE!

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