Friday, July 30, 2010

You've Got Mail

Well, actually more like UPS, but who cares! I LOVE getting any kind of delivery. Especially ones like today...from Westminster Fabrics! Yipeeeeeee!
How's THIS for a stack of LOVE??? Yes, it is actually LOVE, the complete fat quarter set from Amy Butler's LOVE line of fabrics! 26 beautiful quarter yards in 2 colorways (called Heart and Soul) just begging to be made into a couple of the cutest quilts you've ever seen. Actually I"m only keeping the 13 from the Heart colorway. The other 13 will be up for sale shortly in the Scrap Happy Etsy shop! Lucky YOU :)

Hold your horses, cuz there's more love:

This is the ENTIRE fat quarter set from the Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow line, in all three colorways! That's 48 FAT QUARTERS! Oh Happy Day! I am going to decide between the Sunny Day and Cool Stream colorways to redecorate my bedroom, starting with a quilt & pillows. Any good suggestions for a quilt pattern? The other sets will show up soon in the Scrap Happy Etsy shop :)

Want another peek?

These 2 darlings came in the delivery today as well.

Add THESE 2 other things I had already
and I've got the ingredients for a busy weekend!!! I will be taking a trip next week and hope to have a carry-on bag and a new laptop case to take with me :) Pictures to follow.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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