Friday, July 9, 2010

Batman Returns

But this time on the back of a hooded towel! I made a trip to Ikea a while back and picked up a bunch of colored towels, super cheap. Colored towels aren't my thing either...all the bath towels in my house are white. It's a bleach thing, I digress. Anyway, I've had this grouping of towels for at least a year, maybe more. Yellow, orange, green and black. I had picked up the black ones specifically for a Batman hooded towel for Tiny Guy, but had envisioned adding little "ears" to the hood.

When I decided to re-vamp my office/craft room a few weeks ago, I made a list of all the outstanding projects I had to work on. There were two towels ALREADY made for Mira, all I ad to do was add the names. Also had two more for my nephew, again sewn & just needing the name! How lame is THAT?!? So when I pulled out these other Ikea towels, the yellow landed next to the black and it clicked.....
I had procrastinated all that time not being able to decide how to add the silly little ears, when all along THIS would've been easier AND looked better! I sewed the yellow hood to the yellow towel and used the scrap to make the bottom layer of the Batman logo. Then used the black scraps from making the black towel for the top bat layer of the logo. So I still have a yellow hooded towel to figure how to put to use, but in the meantime we now have a Btaman hooded towel for the pool!!

Once the towels were all ready, I took them to my local t-shirt shop to have the names put onto the hoods. Just so happens they had the EXACT color yellow as the Batman logo for Nolan's name. These were Mira's requested color combinations:

Sometimes I need to remember that taking 2 minutes to figure out the obstacle is better than procrastinating forEVER and realizing after how dumb I feel for waiting so long to tackle a project.

Now that I've re-organized my office, I have a master list of projects outstanding so I can prioritize and tackle each one and catch up. Feels good. This also means that I will be posting scrapbook supplies, fabrics, patterns and goodness know what else in the Scrap Happy Etsy shop for sale very soon. So check there often :)

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