Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scrapbook Albums

A while back I mentioned that I was going to be changing out all of my scrapbooks. Probably longer back than I'd like to admit, BUT.....I've started and wanted to share this crazy fast idea with everyone.

My BFF Kelli & I have received all the same goods. We have the We R Memory Keepers classic 3 ring binders in black. They are sleek Italian leather with silver metal corners and silver labels on the binding. These are timeless albums that will look awesome on the shelves! Switching from post bound to 3 ring albums is a big deal and really I didn't think I'd like it. However, there's one BIG advantage....the inserts!

They're the ultimate solution to TWO issues....

1) what to do with all those "extra" pictures that aren't included on the cute layout. If you're like me, you take 437 pictures of any given event and only scrapbook 6-10 of them into a fancy, well thought out layout. Then you have all those others than stack up & collect dust. Well, with the 4x6 photo pages you can put those extras into these pages and have little journaling spots in the extra spaces or whatever you'd like. You can even add rub ons to the outside of the 4x6 pages or hole punch a spot and tie ribbon through it. There's so many additional ways to embellish them without having to feel guilty for not using all the photos in your main layout.

2) If your like me and are "many" years behind in your scrapbooking (vacations EXCLUDED I'm not yet into this century) it can speed up the process IMMENSELY! You can scrap tons of photos way faster because you can use the best ones for select layouts and put the rest in the 4x6 sections and you're good to go. Then once they're in, you can go back anytime to add embellishments. Meanwhile, your caught up & can move forward...on to bigger things! :)

Here's just a few (poorly lit) pics to show an example of my albums. I still have to go back and add embellishments but I'm happy that the pictures are in their home and my albums are filling up quickly...

Another advantage to the 3 ring albums is that you can move things around anytime or anywhere you want. I'm really liking the whole set up! And it's not very expensive either. If you want to look these for yourself, send me a message and I can get the prices and lead time for you right away.
Also, I've added some additional baby items into my Etsy shop...slings, burpies, etc. So feel free to pop over & check it out.

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