Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Five years ago today, I married my best friend. In some ways it seems like it FLEW by, yet at the same time it seems like FOR.EV.ER! Mainly because so much has happened in our lives, so much has changed, we as individuals and as a couple have changed. Experiences shape us and how we look at things.

Most couples get married, maybe get a pet while they get to know each a home, have children, etc. You know, EASE into things. We hit the ground running as I had my girls and Travis had his...Lexxi the Yellow Lab(she truly is one of the children!). For the girls & I we moved to a new state, new home, new family and for Travis he was invaded by females after living alone for 15 years.

Now that we've all learned from our experiences and added 2 NEW family members, I wouldn't trade it for anything! I'd do it all again. We definitely have our ups & downs like any family but this is right where I want to be.

This was one of the things I gave to Travis in commemoration of our day. Kind of like Letterman's top 10 but in my scrappy sort of way!

Top Ten Things I love about you

1. You take pride in ownership

2. Everyday is a new day & a fresh start

3. How you like to paint our nails with designs & bling

4. You totally get unto the Science Channel and believe in aliens

5. That you enjoy grocery shopping with me to see how much we save with coupons

6. When you are patient with my fickle nature

7. How you still ask me out on dates

8. That after 7 years you still blame your farts on the dogs

9. When you daydream about all the "family" things we can do together

10. You are dedicated to everything you undertake

Thank you, Travis for a jam-packed, full of love & adventure 5 years of marriage. Love You!

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