Monday, March 31, 2008

New layout, memory loss

Here's a layout I did over the weekend of the girls in Maui. They had so much fun. They love to be goofy and silly. (Did you catch the fingers in the gorilla's nose?) Honestly, there's no better sound than that of a laughing child! It's infectious. Makes you forget your worries.
And speaking of forgetting, my friend Kelli & I were talking (emailing actually, since we're both crazy busy and have difficulty connecting on the phone) about how we both stay home and yet STILL can't manage to find time to fit everything in each day. When I worked full time, I could seem to get things done. But now that I'm home, I constantly forget, usually the ONE crucial thing I need to do. The 47 other things that come up like a fire drill get done, but not the one that I swore I'd get accomplished! What's with that? Kelli uses post-its like no other, in fact I think she bought stock in 3M just for that reason. My lists and notes ordinarily make onto the back of junk mail, the kids' corrected homework, napkins or whatever's close by when I have a light bulb moment. You want to hear the really sad part? My lists & notes are on those things because I left my day planner IN THE CAR!

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