Monday, March 10, 2008

Give Aways

Starting next week I will be giving away a special prize every month OR SO. I say "OR SO" because sometimes it may be more often and sometimes less. SO, this month will be an altered notebook. It's in the works now but as soon as it's complete I will post a photo. In order to be in the drawing for the notebook, you must sign up for the newsletter on my store website, Next time the qualifications will be different but this will allow some benefit to everyone :) Plus it will increase exposure for both this blog and the store.

Also, look for changes to the website. My friend Kelli, the most talented and computer savvy gal I know, will be helping with the logo updates. It's very exciting to see the progress.

On a personal note, Lauren gets her cast off on Wednesday!! Yay! She will have just four weeks to get back up to speed before her State Gymnastics competition. Lots of work, but if anyone can do it....she CAN. Mira has begun Karate and absolutely loves it. She's learning how to "earn" things instead of ask (or demand). Look out boys, don't give her a reason to break out the new moves!!

That's it for now. I'm very much looking forward to the give-aways!

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BLM said...

I've seen a lot of designers blogs, and this is very generous of you to give away a creation. BTW, I love your new hairstyle. I think it suits you well. (forgot to mention that on my other comment) :)