Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{I'm a stalker}

It's true...I certainly AM a stalker.  But NOT the creepy kind.  Well, I guess that's left to someone besides me to decide.  I stalk blogs.  A LOT of blogs!  Google Reader has been the best and worst thing I've ever found.  It's absolutely spectacular!  It enables me to be a stalker!

If you haven't tried it, YOU MUST!  Instead of visiting all of my favorite sites each day, I subscribe to them via Google Reader and it automatically populates new posts into my reader.  Lovely.  Here's what it looks like:

I currently stalk love 162 blogs / websites. There's NO WAY I could visit these individually every day, without missing lots of good stuff :)

Those of you who don't know, I'm a full time working mom outside of the home.  An 8a-6p working mama of 3, thanks to the support of my husband, who knows the preschool moms, makes it to the school parties, drops by forgotten school lunches and gets dinner started MANY days of the work week for me.

So, on days like this, when I actually have time to be crafty, I instead try to spend time with my family. Prior to one year ago, I got to stay home with my babies everyday, until the troubled economy put the squeeze on us financially.  It's really easy to hold my own little pity party when I miss special times with the kids, but truth is, I'm fortunate to have a great job.

Now, having said's also days like this that I go along reading all the uber-crafty posts from blogland and I feel inadequate in the creativity department.  One of these days soon I WILL FIND BALANCE between the two important parts of my life; family and my pursuit of inner fulfillment.

Until then, I will admire and stalk the rest of you who continue to amaze me with your super talented selves!

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