Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gimmee a {BREAK}

Life has a way of taking the reins right out of your hands, bringing things faster than what seems possible to handle. But we always seem to find a way to work through it, right?!? What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.....or so I've been told.

Until, that is, your body sends up the flag and says "HEY! Wait a minute!" Unfortunately that is what has happened to me. A little too much burning the candle from both ends has landed me with a terribly painful stomach ULCER. Now, I will admittedly be the first to tell you I work best under pressure and tend to take on more than I should. In some weird way, I feel more effective when my plate is full. Maybe I just need to balance out the food groups on said plate from now on.

Business has been outragously great over at Rue 39 Design and that has captured nearly all of my work attention. So, no pictures exciting grandiose things to report. (Check out Rue 39 Design to see what I've been working on!) Just laying off the blogging, facebook and most extracurricular activities. But I will be back soon with some great things, hopefully refreshed and refocused on those things that are important at the core (again think food groups): family, health and happiness.

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